Yields information about the type and presentation of books or information folders that were sent to the Electric Supply Company of Victoria about tramway products available on the market and the company the produced them.

Physical description

Folder with 24 pages of advertising pamphlets bound into it with two metal clip binders advertising products available from the Railway Track-Work Company and titled ""Railway Track Equipment - Track Grinding Machines, Welding and Bonding Machines - Bonds, Welding Steel, Grinding Wheels and Blocks".

Has brochures or pamphlets for:

. The Universal Rotary Track Grinder

. Reciprocating Track Grinder

. The Atlas Rail Grinder

. The Ajax Electric Arc welders

.Vertical Rail Lifter

. The Jackson Electric Tie Tamper.

Generally the lead page of each pamphlet has been imaged.

Provides a description of each item, along with method of operation and parts listing generally.

The folder has on a number of pages and the back cover, a sticker from Frank R. Perrot (Now Perrot and Adams Ltd), Machinery Merchant of 394 Kent St Sydney.

Railway Track-work Company , Clementine, Thompson and Mercer Sts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.

For a full scan of the document see the hi res file.

Inscriptions & markings


Front cover sticky label "1620" in top left hand corner, "Mr Pringle" on front cover and stamp with words "Ballarat Tramway Preservation Society Catalogue No. 10" in ink on front cover.

Inside front cover has a pencil note, behind the crease in the bottom right hand corner.

On the first pamphlet "Ballarat Tramway Preservation Society Catalogue No. 10" in ink on top right hand corner.

On parts page for the Reciprocating Track Grinder has the "Perrot and Adam Ltd" company stamp.