Yields information about the closure of the SEC operated Ballarat system - presented in an unorganised manner and without newspaper dates.

Physical description

Set of 8 foolscap size photocopies on heat sensitive paper of various newspaper cuttings compiled - many duplicated - about the closure of the Ballarat Tram system, mainly from The Courier, Sept to Dec. 1971.

Principal headlines are:

"Tram Shelter for Christmas Crib", "SEC replies to Lake tram proposal", "A Farewell tram ride", "Keep buses out of Bridge St", "Bus stops blamed for drop in business", "Complaint of parking loss through bus stops", "last journey for 39", "Last tram to start in film about Ballarat"

"The end for tram 31?"

"Destination Hamilton"

See also Reg item 3165 and 3161 for similar presentations of cuttings.