Yields information about the tram operations on the Sebastopol line at Grey St and the terminus.

Physical description

Five (5) Digital images taken by George Coop during the period 1968 - 1970, of SEC trams on the Sebastopol line

.1 - Trams 40 (Sebastopol) and 41 (Lydiard St North, with Johnny Walker Whiskey roof adverts) cross at Grey St.

.2 - Trams 40 (Lydiard St North) and 35 (Sebastopol) cross at Grey St. Photos has the street signs - Gray St and Bala St in the photo.

.3 - ditto, with a male passenger with walking stick boarding 40 - photo shows the loop arrangements.

.4 - Tram 40 at the Sebastopol terminus - has destination of Lydiard St North, the Royal Mail Hotel in the background.

.5 - ditto with poles being reversed. Tram has roof adverts for Eureka Tiles and a SEC roof advert.