Yields information about the horse drawn tower wagon first used in Ballarat and has a strong association with some of the COTMA 1975 Conference participants.

Physical description

Colour slide, Kodak white cardboard mount, developed April 1975 of the first horse-drawn tower wagon at Sovereign Hill. This item was offered to the BTPS but declined as it did not have the storage space for it. Understood to have later been dismantled. Photo dated 24/4/1975. See also Reg item 7280 for another photo by David Verrier.
The tall person in the photo is John Radcliffe, and standing next to him is Bill Kingsley, The person with his hands in his pockets is Peter Kahn, and behind him is Mal Macaulay and Rolf Jinks. Standing alongside Bill Kingsley is Noel Forster person with tie - Geoff Cargeeg.