Yields information about the view of The Courier, and locals about the mooted closure of the tramway system and reporting on the proposal in particular local views and the setting up of the Save the Tramway Committee.

Physical description

Foolscap sheet of plain paper, with rounded corners, with 6 newspaper cuttings, concerning the mooted closure of the Ballarat Tram system March 1962. All from The Courier, unless noted otherwise.

1 - "Note of Warning" - 8/3/62 - from Mr. J J Sheehan regarding loss of jobs.

2 - "Tram Retention" - 8/3/62 - special committee of Council - notes Cr. Roff

3 - "Approach on tram issue" - 8/3/62 - noting that it was the SEC (Bolte) that had suggested the trams go - not Govt. Notes Tom Evans and Mr Scott at meeting.

4 - "Tramways Union says SEC Disregards Public" - 9/3/62 - about a letter from the Union to the Borough of Sebastopol.

5 - "Consideration for Public Enquiry" - 9/3/62 - Minister for Electrical Undertakings Mr Reid, responding to Mr Stoneham, Opposition leader about the proposal to close.

6 - "Tram Deputation Repeat Approach" - 10/3/62 - about a forthcoming meeting of the Save the Trams Committee meeting with the local Parliamentarians, traffic issues with buses to Wendouree.