Yields information about the views of various letter writers, views of the Courier, union views, rehabilitation costs and employment.

Physical description

Foolscap sheet of plain paper, with rounded corners, with 4 newspaper cuttings, concerning the mooted closure of the Ballarat Tram system 28 Feb and 2 March 1962. All from The Courier, unless noted otherwise.

1 - "SEC Spring Song" - 23/2/62 - Editorial - about the SEC actions to desert Ballarat, Council meeting with Parliamentary representatives, cost of new cars and always a second-hand place.

2 - "Tramways" - 24-2-62 - letter by R. Courtney, Union Secretary, re use of new trams, one-man cars and Mr. Mawby's jet propelled buses. 2nd letter, written by a car driver, lamenting the closure, employment of trammies and SEC

3 - Untitled article - 27/2/62 - cost of rehabilitating the system given compared to buses, cost estimate from TRB, concessions (not to Pensioners), bus routes in Geelong, people preferred any replacement bus service to be run by a public authority.

4 - "Tram Employees" - 24-2-1962 - SEC would find alternative employment for the displaced tramway workers.