Yields information about the announcement of the SEC Decision to close both Ballarat and Bendigo.

Physical description

Foolscap sheet of plain paper, with rounded corners, with 2 newspaper cuttings, concerning the mooted closure of the Ballarat Tram system 3 Feb 1962. All from The Courier, unless noted otherwise.

1 - "Ballarat to lose trams if SEC Edict stands - Notice to Councils" - reporting that the four affected councils have been notified by the SEC to discontinue or close tram services. At the time no date fixed, must be approved by Parliament, employees not to be displaced but offered alternative employment. Outlines the history of the tramways, ESCo, finances, Geelong closure, alternative transport system. Minister Mr Reid made the announcement in a statement.

2 - "Trams Out" - letter - asking about the rumours of closure.