Yields information the employees of the SEC from about the 1960's through to closure. Not known if completely accurate.

Physical description

List - typed A4 sheet titled "Ballarat Tramways Employees (60's - 71)", prepared by Wayne Kell.

Lists employees in alphabetical order


.1 - jpg scan of the sheet

.2 - pdf of the list in a single vertical column

.3 - word document in the image files

Noel Aghan

Noel Allen

Max Anderson

Brian Anwyl

Adam Balloch

Ray Barrow

Ian Bentley

James Billman

Les Bird

Mick Blackman

Kevin Blake

Dave Blaw

Brett Boddington

Kevin Brookman

Gary Butler

Kevin Butler

Marty Cahill

Bob Carter

Daryl Chambers R

oy Courtney

Steve Crosby

Ray Curnow

Ron Davidson

Bill Davies

S. Davies

W. Davies T

Ed Davis

L. Denmead

Max Devlin

Austin Domaschenz

Des Domaschenz

T. Dunstan

Ted Edmunds

Allen Edwards

George Etheridge

D. Everett

John Everett

Ted Fish

Vic Gill

Ian Grant

George Gray

Max Green

Ray Hall

Norm Hamilton

Rory Herauville

Bernie Hill

Colin Hill

Norm Hunt

Danny Irvine

Allan Jeffreys

Bruce Jenkins

David Jones

Ron Jordan

Wayne Kell

Alan Kellett

Alf Kellett

Dave Kellett

Noel Klein

Hec Knight

Ron Knight

Mick Laidlaw

Ed Lake

Stan Lakey

Herb Lee

George Long

Norm Lorensini

Geoff McErvale

Doug McGregor

Leo McMahon

Alec McWilliam

Bill Maes

George Magee

Jim Maher

Mick Mahoney

Andre Malins

B. Mannion

Les Mark

Jack Marone

Jackie Mason

Arthur Maxwell

Harold May

Allan Meaney

Brian Melville

Jim Menzies

Alf Mercer

Barry Morris

Robert Morris

Bruce Munn

Tom Nancarrow

Bill Newell

Les North

John O’Keefe

Dan O’Leary

Dick Oliver

Joel Owen

Eric Patterson

Bert Peart

Ivan Pellas

D. Powell

Lindsay Quick

Arthur Reed

Bill Retallick

Rex Rewell

Howard Reynolds

Neil Robe

Ned Romeo

Vin Ryan

Rick Rykers

Bill Segrave

John Schmidt

Charles Scicluna

David Skewes

Harry Smerdon

Brian Smith

Roy Smith

Bill Spicer

Tony Stephens

Max Stephens

Tom Stevenson

Neil Sutherland

Doug Thompson

Ian Tierney

Ian Trenfield

John Truscott

Bill Trusler

Bill Tuddenham

A. Turnbull

Dave van Oorschot

E. van Rooy

Harry van Oorschot

Henk van Oorschot

Bill van Oorschot

Gerry van Rooy

Harry van Rooy

Ian Wallis

Lou Walker

Bill Ward

Geoff Ward

Vin Webb

Bill Wellard

L. Wellard

R. Williams

Terry Williams

Doug Wiseman

Edward Wright