Historical information

This land sales map was produced by real estate agents for an auction of part of a property near Bacchus Marsh known as the Broadlands Estate. 132 acres of irrigated land in 11 separate lots was to be auctioned on the 8th of June 1916. On the 27 May 1916, nine of the 11 eleven lots were withdrawn from sale. The reason stated was due to "road and severance difficulties", according to a notice in the Bacchus Marsh Express newspaper on 27 May, 1916, page.2. When the sale took place on 8th June the two lots were passed in but the local newspaper reported they were expected to be sold privately, see Express, 17 June, 1916, page. 2. The Broadlands Estate was owned by the Miller family whose father Henry Miller, 1809-1888, was a politician and an immensely wealthy financier in Victoria.


A typical example of a land sale map of this era. The Broadlands Estate was just over 2,000 acres at its its peak size and was a significant holding of land in the Bacchus Marsh district.

Physical description

Paper printed land sales map