Historical information

Set of 7 photographs taken during a tram tour using Birney's 30 and 28. Possibly 1971 or early 1972 prior to closure.
1 - High St Eaglehawk with Primary School hall behind.
2 - Tram 28 from another tram's window - note no driver.
3 - trams 28 and 30 in McCrae St with the Bendigo Technical College building in the background.
4 - Tour trams turning from Bernard St into View St with the Five Lions Hotel in the background with a Fosters Lager advertisement. This hotel has since been demolished.
5 - Tram 30 on the single-track extension at Eaglehawk.
6 - Tram 6 and another single trucker at Charing Cross - note the sag on the second tram - a spring possibly has failed.
7 - Tram 19 running out the depot lead into McCrae St with an SEC Cooking roof and a Briquettes dash canopy advertisements.


Yields information about Bendigo tram tours prior to the closure of the SEC operated system.

Physical description

Black and White photographs on Ilford Paper - undated - set of 7