Historical information

A display folder for a set of 20 cent coins issued in 2015 to commemorate 100 years of Anzac and the First World War. Based on photos chosen from the Australian War Memorial archive, the ANZAC Official Coin Collection includes fourteen coins that have been designed and produced by the Royal Australian Mint to mark significant aspects that occurred in the First World War. Our set contains 13 coins.
The First World War themes featured in this collection include the war years, mateship, Light Horsemen, the home front, the Royal Australian Navy, Remembrance Day, Nurses, wartime animals, The Last Post, War Correspondents, Australian Flying Corps, Australian Imperial Force, the Unknown Soldier, and the Gallipoli Landing.
Project was issed by the Royal Mint and supported by the Australian War Memorial, Newscorp, Westpac and Legacy. The set, including coins was used as a prize in the JPESA speaking contest that Melbourne Legacy ran for many years until 2022.


A type of prize given at a Legacy speaking competition that commemorates World War 1.

Physical description

Cardboard folder for a coin collection to be inserted in. Folds out into 6 sections. Red cord to tie the folder closed.