Historical information

In 2005, members of the PMH&PS undertook a study of the residents of the houses in a Port Melbourne street precinct from the 1880s to 1960. The area is bounded by Evans Street, the E side of Bridge Street, S side of Williamstown Road, Farrell Street both the E & W sides plus the section of Ross Street between Farrell and Bridge and the part of Derham Street between Farrell and Bridge.
The resulting map and an interactive CD won the Best Community Research, Registers & Records project at the 2007 Victorian Community History Awards.
The project was launched on the railway reserve near the corner of Evans & Farrell streets. LL - R - unknown, Pat GRAINGER, Graham BRIDE.

Physical description

Pat GRAINGER, Graham BRIDE at the launch of the History of a Street Precinct project.

Inscriptions & markings

25/9/05 Not Known, Pat Grainger, Graham Bride