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Printed book. 112 pages in total. Pages 13 -64 numbered.

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Publication details: 'Railway guide book and time table for Melbourne, Ballarat, Adelaide and all intermediate stations, also gazette for Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, Melton, &c., and almanac for 1891', compiled by Christopher Crisp. Printed and published by Crisp and Lane, Bacchus Marsh, Vic., 1891. SUMMARY OF CONTENT: Includes detailed timetables and schedule of fares, descriptions of stations and refreshment facilities pp.6-26; overviews of Shires of Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Melton, pp.27-30; historical, geographic, and economic background notes about places on the Melbourne to Adelaide route, pages 31-64, including descriptions of Bacchus Marsh, pp.34-42 and briefer notes on Ballan, pp.42-43 and Melton, pp.32-33. Almanac section is pp.65-95 (not numbered), containing common information in nineteenth century almanacs such as a calendar of the days, weeks, and months of the year; a record of various astronomical phenomena, climate information and seasonal suggestions for farmers, the rising and setting times of the Sun and Moon, dates of eclipses, hours of high and low tides, and religious festivals. A brief history of Irrigation in Mildura is on pages 1 and 112 (first and last pages). Advertisements, mostly for Bacchus Marsh businesses are on pp.96-111. The Almanac section is illustrated with drawings of scenic views of various places in Australia, but none of the Bacchus Marsh region. Online access is available on Trove at: