Historical information

Passengers could often transfer from one service to another - eg changing from a tram to a bus, without having to pay a second fare. A transfer ticket would be issued on request and this along with the original fare ticket would be shown to the conductor or bus driver at the time of transfer. Check tickets would be issued by a conductor to record that the person had shown a periodical eg scholars ticket. This enabled passenger counting as well. Conditions of travel on the rear.
1 - Elizabeth / Flinders St transfer - Nos 047241 and 143201
2 - cable to/from electric - green - 325472 and 819119
3 - cable to/from electric - red - 984529
4 - Scholar's Concession check - black - 075000 and 168393
5 - Special concession check ticket - black - 999538 with a Bushell's coffee advertisement on rear.


Demonstrates various transfer tickets used by the MMTB.

Physical description

Set of 8 tram transfer or check tickets - flimsy - paper,