Historical information

Standing proud, still here, the spirit of ten ancestral matriarchs adorned in contemporary ceremonial cloaks. Representing our women past, present and future, her Spirit, our culture, our Country (spelt with a capital for its importance and this is part of First Peoples protocols on acknowledging Country, our strength, our resilience and healing towards a sustainable future. The white ochre was used to create the feather pattern. White ochre is deeply connected to spirit or ‘murrup’ as we call it in language. The ochre is used on our bodies in ceremonies to paint our body up and is also placed on graves when someone passes. The white ochre is our most sacred connection to our ancestors and is used to celebrate both life and death. I source the white ochre from the You Yangs and only take what I need for ceremony and my painting.

Physical description

White and black feather motif with yellow eye design on outer clock, brown feather motif in lining. Solid black trimming. Cloak is machine sewn and handstitched with hand stitching on shoulder seam.