Historical information

The exact creation date of this chatelaine is unknown, however the hallmarks and engravings on some of the attached objects indicate that this chatelaine was made in the late 1890s. The shark tooth and the liberty bell attached to the chatelaine suggest that the item once belonged to an Australian who had connections to America. The compact, scent bottle lid, and feminine design of the other objects suggest that this wasowned by a woman.
The name on the plate indicates that this object may have belonged to someone with the surname Heine.
The hallmarks on the scent bottle lid and the compact indicate that they were made in Birmingham, England in the late 1890s, and that the compact was made by H. Matthews.

Chatelaines where used by both men and women, usually fastened to a belt or pocket, and small household objects were attached to the main body of the chatelaine by chains. They were only worn by the heads of the household as a display of position and power.


The social history objects held in the Burke Museum's collection help to tell the stories of Beechworth's past by showing the social, cultural, and economic aspects of the town's history.

Physical description

A decorative silver belt hook with small household object attached by chains to a suspended name plate. There are 8 chains and 7 objects; a vesta case, scent bottle lid, compact, shark tooth, bell, button hook handle, container.

Inscriptions & markings

HEINE/ [plate]
CHERRY./ from/ LEO/ May 12th 1899/ [inscription on vesta case]
L??S/ Anchor symbol/ x symbol/ lion symbol/ [Hallmark on scent bottle lid]
R/ HM/ Anchor symbol/ Lion symbol/ m symbol/ [Hallmark on back of the compact]
SYDNEY/ [inscription on shark tooth]
Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof/ By order of the Assembly of the Province of Pensylvania for the State House in Philada/ [inscription on bell]