Historical information

The exact creation of this Cigar Cutter is unknown, however the vintage nature and style of this cutter indicate that it was made in the early to mid 20th century. This cutter closely resembles the V-cut style of cigar cutter. These cutters are the most common type of cigar cutters and have been historically widely used. They cut a 'wedge' into the cigar cap rather than removing the whole cap like guillotine cutters do. This type of cut allows the smoker to get a deep cut into the V shaped cigar.


Social history objects held in the Burke Museum help to tell the stories of Beechworth's past by showing the town's social, artistic and cultural community. This cutter shows significance through it's vintage artistic style and it's ability to show the social habits within Beechworth's history.

Physical description

A small bronze metallic cigar cutter with cigar insert on one side of the object and handle on the other side.

Inscriptions & markings