Historical information

Colour slide of a legatee delivering wood to a widow in Melbourne. He is met by a widow in apron at the rear of the property judging by the corrugated iron fence. It was during Operation Firewood. Legatees would organise collection of wood from the country and distribute it to widows in metropolitan Melbourne. Other slides show the cutting and loading of wood and delivery to widows in metropolitan Melbourne.
Was with many other slides taken in the 1950s and 1960s. The slides have been photographed to make digital images and moved to archive quality sleeves. In many cases the original images were not well focussed and the digital image the best available.


A record of Legacy helping widows by sourcing, supplying and delivering firewood. When open fires were the main source of heating, a load of firewood and help moving it, would have been very important to the widows.

Physical description

Colour slide of a legatee in overalls delivering wood at the rear of a property, where a widow is waiting, in Melbourne during Operation Firewood in brown Anscochrome cardboard mount.

Inscriptions & markings

Printed on front in red ink 'Anscochrome / View from this side / Made in Australia'. Hand written on front 'Grateful smiles' in blue pen.
Printed on reverse in red ink 'Processed by Verycolor photo labs. Melbourne, Victoria'.