Historical information

During May through to July 1920 Prince Edward, later to become King Edward VIII of England toured Australia to thank the country for its support during World War One and to strengthen ties between Australia and the United Kingdom. He arrived in Victoria on the 26 May 1920 and on the 29 May attended a special agricultural show at the Royal Agricultural Showgrounds at Flemington. Bacchus Marsh district was invited to contribute to a display of agricultural produce and products which was displayed in the Government Pavilion at the Showgrounds. The display according to a newspaper report in the Bacchus Marsh Express on 5 June 1920 included 33 trays of fresh fruit, preserved fruit, pickles, sauces, bacon and other small goods, vegetables, hay grasses, grain, turned wood, wines and other drinks', &c., aided by pot plants, flags, draping of maroon and gold (official Exhibit colors) made up a color scheme and general effect worthy of the occasion. The Prince inspected the exhibit and expressed his admiration of it, his only regret was that he could not give more time to its examination. There was also 'an improvised "pheasant" nestling in one corner, and what "amazing" eyes it had!'. The organiser of the display was F. C. Minns, and the decorator was T. Stewart.


This photograph is notable for its size and high quality framing. This signifies the importance the local community placed upon being chosen to participate in a major royal event and the desire to record this in a grand and elaborate way for posterity.

Physical description

Very large framed photograph of the agricultural produce and products from the Bacchus Marsh district displayed as part of a special exhibition for Prince Edward, the heir to the British throne when he visited Melbourne in May 1920. The display comprised a wide variety of produce such as fresh and preserved fruit, meats, vegetables, hay, grasses, grain, turned wood, wines and other drinks. The image is divided in the middle into two different angles of the display.

Inscriptions & markings

A caption in gold lettering at the foot of the image reads 'The Prince's Show May 1920 Bacchus Marsh District Exhibit Royal Agricultural Society Showgrounds'