Historical information

RVIB Orchestra, recorded in Ormond Hall, playing 7 medleys of songs including Gerschwin, Rogers and Hart, Carmichael, Hammerstein, Kearns and Berlin. The orchestra consisted of:
Band Leader and Tenor Sax: Richard (Dick) Sutcliffe
Soprano Sax: Alan Campbell
Saxophone: Arthur Tyzack, Barry Palmer
Baritone Sax: John Laversha
Trumpet: Reg Hill
Trombone: Ian Cooper
Piano: Geoff Smith, Rosemary Shone, Fritz Kreisler
Piano/Bass: Allan Nuske
Drums: Bob Tennant

The Victorian Saxophone Quintet, recorded by the ABC circa 1957, playing 9 songs and 2 medleys, consisted of: Alan Campbell, Richard (Dick) Sutcliffe, Arthur Tyzack, John Laversha, Ian Cooper. The announcer is: Bill Passick.

Physical description

1 MP3 audio recording of orchestra playing