Historical information

'The Years Between' is an oral history of RVIB 1866 - 1991. It was put together by Allan Nuske and Jamie Kelly and consists of narration and excerpts of oral histories from past staff/students. Through historical data and personal recollections, former students tell the story of how the institution developed under the changing approaches of teachers and other staff, the need to keep fundraising, being shipped to Olinda during the war,

Physical description

153 MP3 audio recordings comprising a file for each section of the book

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Many thanks to Alan Nuske, Betty Vinters, Jon Lock, Ross Johnstone, Simon von Saldern, Leo Hartman, Elaine Leahy, Mary Adams, Ben Quin, Kasia Graphics, Art Attack, June Treadwell, Jamie Kelly, Neville Kerr, Dorothy Hamilton, family and friends of Alan Nuske, Pam McAleese and Julie Brain.