Historical information

A civic campaign for new public offices developed in Kew in the 1880s. After much deliberation, the location chosen was the junction of Bulleen and Cotham Roads. The buildings were designed by George Watson and John Henry Harvey, architects within the Department of Public Works (Victoria). Building was commenced in 1887, and after one year, the buildings were opened. The Post Office was transferred to the new Commonwealth Government in 1901. The Police Station and Court House, sold by the Victorian Government to the City of Boroondara in 2007, are now a community cultural centre and performing arts venue.


The buildings were listed on the Victorian Heritage Register Register (HO885) in 1991. They are historically and architecturally significant to the State of Victoria because Watson and Harvey's designs exhibit diversity in integrating civil offices, they accommodate the apex of road junctions, and they demonstrate a departure from the contemporaneously favoured High Victorian Classical to the Queen Anne style in the design of civic buildings.

Physical description

Small collection of miniature terracotta bricks created to sell in order to raise funds for the 'Save the Kew Court House' campaign. Dione McIntyre who led the campaign conceived and made the bricks. The oblong bricks were pierced and pieces of green ribbon were threaded through each hole. Each brick had a printed label.

Inscriptions & markings

"Kew Court House Appeal 2007"