Historical information

Contains the following tickets showing the style of tickets issued by various public transport operators.
3 pages of MMTB Imperial currency tickets
1 page of Pensioner concessions
3 pages of decimal currency tickets including dual currency type
1 page of Ultimate tickets - type sold at safety zones by Zone sellers
1 page of PMG prepaid tickets, special supplementary journal, machine bus ticket
1 page of PMG prepaid Section tickets,
1 page of incapacitated section tickets
2 pages of Hospital tickets
Scholar's Concession ticket issued to the donor, Swimming class tickets and a Police ticket.
2 pages of unidentified tickets
SPER National Park line
1 page of Adelaide tickets
4 pages of Provincial tramway tickets, dual currency including a Bendigo battery tram ticket.
3 pages of Brisbane tram and bus tickets
2 pages of Launceston bus tickets - 1968
1 page of Hobart tickets
VR motor coach (bus) ticket
1 page of Perth tram tickets
A TAA ground transport ticket
San Francisco ticket, Hong Kong tickets,
2 pages of recovered MMTB tickets from behind tramcar seats - imperial currency and one MMTB Supplementary Running Journal.


Yields information about the style of tickets issued by Australian Public Transport systems.

Physical description

Album - heavy black/green card covers containing 35 ruled quarto sheets secured with an Arnos metal binder with the title "Tickets" taped to the front of the object.