Physical description

Our Legends 25 cent coin: OBVERSE Portrait of the Queen Elizabeth II in the field of the coin. Lettering: ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 2016 IRB. REVERSE Depiction of a Victoria Cross Medal.
50th anniversary of the end of the Korean war coin: The coin design background of vertical lines replicates the stainless steel poles which are a major feature of the design of the Australian National Korean War Memorial in Canberra. The 'Dove of Peace' is shown between the floral emblems of South Korea and Australia.
1915 Gallipoli Coin: The Royal Australian Mint released the 2005 One Dollar Coin commemorating the 90th anniversary of the ANZAC landing on Gallipoli. The design of the coin has a silhouette image of an Australian bugler. This design is very plain and simple, but it portrays its message - ‘Lest We Forget. The image captures the ‘sounds of the last post being played as the sun sets over the beaches of Gallipoli. Whilst commemorating the 90th anniversary of Gallipoli, the image of the bugler is the highly relevant in relation to all conflicts in which Australia has fought.
Centenary of the Australian Army coin: This coin is being minted in memory of those who have given their lives in the past and those who still serve for our country today. The $1 coin displays the Army crest, also referred to as the "rising sun" crest.