Historical information

Parwan Football Club was formed in May 1912. The specific date of this photo is not given, but it is likely that it was taken between 1912 and 1914, when the football competition was suspended. This photo is one of the oldest known photographic records of an Australian Rules football team in the Bacchus Marsh area. Australian Rules football was played in this area as early as the 1870s. An organized competition to play regular matches was formed in the early years of the twentieth century.


This item has historic and social significance as an image of one of the early sporting teams of Bacchus Marsh and district. It is a typical example of team photographs of this era. It is evidence of the transition of football from a social informal setting to an organised activity and signals the growth of importance of sport, in this case Australian Rules football, as a cultural and social activity central to the Australian ethos.

Physical description

A sepia photograph print mounted on mounting board, showing a group of 20 men arranged in three rows. Two men, standing at either end of the group, are wearing street clothes. The remaining men are wearing a uniform of striped guernseys, white knickerbockers, knee high socks and lace up boots. Two of the men are wearing front-laced guernseys. Three are wearing striped caps, which could be part of the uniform, two a flat cap and two are wearing brimmed hats. There is a consistency in the uniform they are wearing, indicating that team sport is becoming more organised.

Inscriptions & markings

On the front, a circular professional stamp reading: PHOTO ARTIST BACCHUS MARSH. A. BESELER.
On the reverse: A white paper rectangle pasted onto the board, with hand-written notations:
Back - with numbers 1-10. Against no.1 Doherty. Against no. 3 Dodemaide.
Middle_ numbers 1-5.
Front_ numbers 1-5.
Under the paper, hand-written in blue ink: PARWAN FOOTBALL CLUB