Historical information

The Union commenced as the Australian Tramway Employees Association in 1910. Changed its name in 1934 to the "Aust Tramway & Motor Omnibus Employees Association" so as to incorporate bus drivers of motor omnibuses. Became part of the Rail Transport Bus Union in 1993. See reference.
Union members were issued with badges to indicate their membership. They were permitted to be worn on their uniforms.
See item 7087 for a non-Victorian version and 915 for another example.


Demonstrates a badge issued to members of the ATMOEA

Physical description

Badge - made on a brass/gold backing with painted enamel on the front. On the central portion of the badge, had the ATMOEA logo, with the words "Vic" with red enamel backing, and on the outer edge of the badge "Aust Tramway & Motor Omnibus Employees Association" with a royal blue background. On back of badge has clip for fitting through an opening on a jacket button hole or coat lapel. On top of back of badge has number stamped in "3104" and bottom words "K. G. Luke / Melb." indicating manufacture. The second badge, has a retaining pin clip and is numbered 5541.