Historical information

The two Scholar's Concession tickets for first and second terms of 1976 allowed the holder to travel from Wattle Park to Latrobe university via a nominated route with the conditions of travel on the rear. Cost was $34 for each ticket. Ticket Nos. 06423 and 07189. Both issued at Camberwell Depot. The Employees Pass was issued to those who did not have a pass issued to them personally, such as travel to and from a training facility. The person to who this was issued to was a MMTB employee. The MTT Perth Ticket dated 20 Feb. 76 is a machine issued bus ticket recording ticket issuing details.


Demonstrates a scholar's tickets issued during the mid 1970s.

Physical description

Set of two scholar's concession tickets, preprinted card with hand written details, providing the persons name and travel details, both contained within a plastic sleeve. Contained within the 1st term ticket was a blue Employee's pass for the MMTB and a Perth bus ticket.