Historical information

Bob Hymans Collection
Bob (Herman) Hymans (a former Pilot in the Royal Netherlands Navy) was born in Bloemendaal, Holland on 30th September 1922. During World War II he fought against the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and was imprisoned in Changi and on the Burma Railway.

After gaining qualifications as a Ski Instructor, Bob arrived in Falls Creek in July 1950. Working as an Instructor and Supervisor at Bogong Lodge, Bob decided his future was in accommodation. He was successful in negotiating an indenture for land from the State Electricity Commission (SEC). It took Bob two years to build his Grand Coeur Chalet but, tragically, it was burned down in August 1961.

Bob also built the first Chairlift in Australia. This was a single chairlift and the structure was built from wooden electricity poles. He was constantly full of new ideas and proposals for the village. Bob Hymans die on 7th July 2007.

This Collection of documents and letters tells the story of Bob's endeavours to develop Falls Creek into the ski village it is today.


This letter is significant because it documents the services supplied by the SEC to the community of Falls Creek.

Physical description

A notice outlining procedures lodgeholder should follow if they wish to access supplies of briquettes to be delivered to Falls Creek by the SEC.Lodgeholders were urged to attend to displays before the weather and access via road deteriorated.