Physical description

Image from CD (Compact Diskette for use in computers) - see Reg Item 135.

A series of three images of the Hawthorn Bridge over the Yarra, c1930, during the era with problems with the bridge. See separate article for more details. Richmond 6, Richmond, Richmond 3 on the CD as original files.

.1 - Looking from the south west, at the Hawthorn bridge with the temporary wooden bridge being constructed on the south side. Has the cable tram depot in the photo and part of the Burnley racing course. Temporary track on the north side of the steel bridge and crossings can be seen.

.2 - Looking along Bridge Road to the east with Hawthorn Bridge in the middle of the photograph. Shows the industrial and residential areas, Hawthorn Railway Station and part of the Burnley Race course, the cable tram depot building. W class tram in Church St Hawthorn and W class tram crossing the bridge on the north side temporary track. Note the cable tram used as a shelter on the north east corner of the bridge.

.3 - Looking south along River St towards Bridge Road, with the Yarra River and Hawthorn Bridge on the left side of the photograph. Shows the industry in the area at the time, wool and skin Merchants, north side of the cable depot, housing and the outlook to the river!