Historical information

1 - Issue 1 - March 2007 - with photo of the Police Tram (2109) - Welcome message from the CEO Dennis Cliche, Good Friday appeal, Burwood highway works, new sub-stations at Coburg, Royal Park, Brunswick depot, Camberwell depot, East Preston, Essendon, Bundy Clock, Glenhuntly, Kew Depot, Malvern, Southbank,, Safety, events, Lunar Festival
.2 - issue 2 - June 2007 - 18 pages, Malvern Depot (a green depot), Paul Matthews profile, trackwork at Glen Huntly and Essendon depots, Depot news, Joyce Barry tribute, Hawthorn depot museum, fund raising.
.3 - issue 3 - Octr. 2007 - 16 pages - fund raising - Melbourne city romp, Des Davies retirement, CPR rescue of a collapsed driver, depot news, retirements and a chemical and fire incident on the Vermont South line.
.4 - issue 4 - Jan. 2008 - 12 pages - fundraising, family events, depot news, retirements, TramTracker Jake
.5 - issue 11 - Winter 2010 - 16 pages - St Kilda Road Superstops, Michel Mason - CEO, Malvern depot centenary, Transformation, new maps on trams, fundraising, the leadership team, depot news, uniforms, South Caulfield Junction upgrade.
.6 - 20 pages issue 12, Summer 2010, published soon after Keolis took over operations of Yarra Trams. The first 10 pages, look at Trams on the Fringe, Feedback, Football trams, staff matters, and features a story on page 10 of the Hawthorn Tram Depot museum and Driver Shaun McCarthy wearing the brown uniform in front of tram 1041. Fully Scanned.
The second ten pages are reversed (upside down) and titled "Le Pantographer", featuring a Bordeaux tram on the cover. Provides details of Keolis operations such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Le Mans, Caen, Angers, Dijon and other operations.
.7 - issue 6 - Spring 2008 - Meerkats, fleet operations, training, Art Alive, Kew depot - new inspection pits, Long Lay Malvern, Did You Know campaign, and looking for Cricket players - part scanned.
.8 - issue 13 - Autumn 2011 - Michel Masson CEO, visit of French Media, Ron Scholten Retirement, photo of Geoff Dean of Camberwell, - part scanned.
.9 - issue 5 - June 2008 - Tram works Swanston and Flinders, tram 111, cricket
.10 - issue 8 - Autumn 2009 - Good Friday appeal, public transport ombudsman, Malvern centenary, my friend Mike
.11 - issue 9 - Spring 2009 - Chris Cairns safety campaign, route 48, Myki, Tramtracker, Jake.


Demonstrates Yarra tram staff newsletters

Physical description

Eleven issues of Yarra Tram's internal newsletter "The Pantograph", all A4, center stapled. Issues not fully scanned, unless noted.