Physical description

Magazine, published by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Victoria "Headway News" - A4 printed on white gloss paper, with the MTA logo or symbol. Issued under the name of L. A. Strouse as Chairman of the body which commenced on 1/7/1983.

Major tram and bus items listed.

.1 - Vol 1 No. 1 - July 1983 - four pages - gives details of corporate identity, including notes on the design of the logo, notes from the Chairman, details of the Management Team, the Board, move to the new head office - World Trade Centre, Preston Workshops Project. Management Team - Albrecht Scholer (Metro rail), Dudley Snell (trams), John Wagstaff (GM Marketing and Sales), Michael Maude (GM Personnel) and Paul Riboni (GM - Finance and Corporate).

.2 - Vol 1 No. 2 - August 1983 - four pages - details the MTA Board with a photo, gives details of the intended directions that the MTA is planning to take, western suburbs and Doncaster bus changes, new bus workshop at Northcote. Photo notes Bill (W) Aird as Interim Secretary of the MTA. MURLA.

.3 - Vol 1 No. 3 - September 1983 - four pages - Flinders St station redevelopment, METROL, AVM - vehicle monitoring, Employees Board Member election and sports roundup.

.4 - Vol 1 No. 4 - October 1983 - six pages (one sheet folded) - Refurbishment of W5 trams - fitting of sliding doors, Bundoora Extension, Tram Priority, management changes - Level 3 - John Grigg and Geoff Carkeek, early retirement seminars, transport loan, upgrade to rail overhead, Bob Drummond Retires, flat fares, Gail Moody project engineer for Bundoora Extension and MTA at Royal Show.

.5 - Vol 1 No. 5 - November 1983 - eight pages - two sheets - intro of new fare system on 13/11/1983 - "the Met", (Travel Cards and neighbourhood tickets), tram priority, training in new ticketing system, profile of Paul Riboni, restructure of the Metro Rail division, New A class trams, notes restarting of alphabet, cost containment, early retirements, election of employee Reps (Norm Maddock and Tony Tuohey), sporting news, Preston Workshops redevelopment and tram 520 goes to Elton John.

.6 - Vol 1 No. 6 - December 1983 - single sheet, two pages with a Christmas message and consultation committees will work during 1984.

.7 - Special Edition 1984 - one page - message from the Chairman and Managing director, - re on time running, METROL and planning for 1984.

.8 - Vol 2 No. 1-2, January - February 1984 - four pages - METROL now in operation, new managers - John Coulson ex MMTB Assistant Secretary and financial manager, tram and bus appointments, "trams that bend in the middle" - launch of B class trams, sport - Cricket carnival.

.9 - Vol 2 No. 3 - March 1984 - four pages- "charting the football crows, proposed head office at 60 Market St (did the World Trade Centre in first issue ever happen?), Colin West Group Manager Personnel - ex MMTB Personnel, Robin Ould employee relations - ex MMTB Industrial Officer. Has a profile on John Wagstaff, interstate cricket and new apprentices. Includes an item on the down fall of Sydney tram network - "The fall of the Giant"

.10 - Vol 2 No. 4 - April 1984 - four pages - John Grigg appointed as Chief GM Metro Rail, OH&S Bill, train defects, Tony Jackson bus mechanic wins award, Beppie - Welfare Counsellor for MTA Tram and Bus based at Hawthorn depot.

.11 - Special Edition - 1984 - single page- "Met Birthday address by Chairman".

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