Physical description

Magazine, published by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Victoria "Met Lines" (Metlines) - A3 when folded, printed on white gloss paper, with the MTA logo or symbol. Issued under the name of L. A. Strouse as Chairman.

Continues from Reg Item 1040 - "Headway News"

Major tram and bus items listed. Tramway and bus names only listed, not railway.

.1 - Vol 1 No. 1 - September 1984 - 8 pages - 130 years of rail service. Has note about former name, station revitalisation, Met Miles achieved, travel club, Centre page spread of photos of Preston workshop activities, names in Key Associations, repainting of Scrubber 8W, 8, 745, Vic Tramways Bowls Association, Alan Edwards retirement, item on Hawthorn Clothing Workshop (with photo), Munitions bus 301 - Geoff Foster, John Weighman and Daryl Mead and sporting news, - Preston Workshops Soccer team.

.2 - Vol 1 No. 2 - 8 pages - Christmas Issue 1984 - Intermodal - Box Hill, Royal Show, A class tram introduced - Driver Don Everard, new tourist guide, Neighbourhood bus revamp in Ringwood, Westona station, Bundoora extension, Transit brass band, Beppie Hedditch - Occupational Welfare Service at Hawthorn, B class trams, sporting news and restored Tacit train.

.3 - Vol 1 No. 3, March 1985 - 8 pages - introduction of AVM, bus driver Geoff Neicno, Communications Technician Bruce Smith with MTA Posters or advertisements, Bundoora extension opened, exporting tramway expertise, bus neighboured planning, English on the Job, Met card travel competition, 130 new B class trams and auction sale of Tait Trains.

.4 - Vol 1 No. 4 June 1985 - 8 pages - Flagstaff opened, Men at Work band, investigation Officers, library moves to Queen St, first annual report, families on the job - Kimber, Sutton and Luciews, AVM at Nicholson St Engine house.

The magazine continues to an A4 version ,see Reg item 1059 and onwards.