Physical description

Set of three MMTB or MTA single journey tickets - available on travel on metro train services.

.1 - MTA Single Journey ticket - available on tram and bus only, printed on pink card - A280294 with conditions of travel on rear.

.2 - MMTB single journey ticket - dated 6/5/81, No. 23543, printed on pink card with conditions of travel on rear. Has section numbers on sides.

.3 - Restricted Weekday Ticket or Voucher, Nos. A155134, printed in red on manila coloured card. Was available for a single journey on any MMTB tram and bus and allowed a ticket to be obtained at any station for a single VicRail, metro journey. Part of a longer strip of tickets. See also Reg Item 940 for another sample.

Late 1970's given the use of the name VicRail.

.4 - same as .2, unused - two copies added 9/8/2020