Physical description

Set of four photocopied documents, A4 sheets, stapled in top left hand corner concerning the development and adoption of Metplan, a Metropolitan Public Transport Industry Plan - see Reg Item 1186 for a discussion paper.

.1 - "Metplan - Industry Unions - Briefing Paper No. 3 - Tram System Extensions" - March 1988 - 16 sheets - one of series of four documents to give Public Transport Unions where the industry is heading over the 15 years project life period. document looks at the Docklands Light Rail in London and bus services through the Central district of Melbourne.

.2 - "Metplan Draft Document - January 1988" - 5 pages - prepared by Martin Gray - December 1987 - looking at training, working conditions, employment security, station staff and service delivery and job opportunities.

.3 - "Metplan Discussion Paper" - 3 sheets - gives an overview of the suburban system, union's role, what could be done, electrification, rail cars, station development, dual voltage systems.

.4 - "Metplan Discussion Paper" - table looking at the various measures, percentage changes, Metplan issues, services, finance and extension options.

See also Reg item 2809 for a August 1988 paper and 345 for a detailed report.