Physical description

1586 - Photocopy - report - 9 A4 sheets stapled in the top left hand corner, titled "Upgrade the Trains, Keep Sydney Road Trams - Position Paper on the Upfield Public Transport Corridor - Executive Summary", setting out the Union view of the conversion of the Upfield line to light rail. Notes the issues with the project, experience on the conversion of the St Kilda and Port Melbourne lines, level crossings and staffing.

1586.1 - as above but the full report - 66 pages, stapled along the side with clear plastic front, white card rear cover with a table of contents, including notes on the North-South rail (St Kilda and Port Melbourne) - experience to date, critique on The Met's Upfield line study, the Union's preferred option, Benefits of preferred option and the role of light rail, appendices and recommendations.