Physical description

Timetable printed on off white paper, folded into 9, titled "Timetable of first and last trams and buses also All-night and Sunday morning services", setting out services, fares, city concession fares, all night fares, fare sections, and that strips of 3d tickets could be bought from Head Office. Has a "advertisement" for shoppers travelling in comfort between 930 and 430, golf, dinner and afternoon tea at the Wattle Park Chalet.

Dated April 1951. A panel on the rear has an advertisement for employment of Conductors and Conductresses, gives conditions and where to apply.

Printed by Sands and McDougall.

See Reg Item 899 for a 1946 version and 2140 for a 1935 version.

William Dunworth of Limerick Ireland, driver in the 1950's - see donation note.