Physical description

Photo Album - dark blue plastic covers with the letters "photo album" in raised letters, stippled finish containing 10 leaves ring bound with an adhesive surface with clear plastic sheet on each cover.

Page 1 – set of 8 Last day tram tickets – 16/4/1972 and four SEC tickets rear.

Page 2 – set of 10 SEC tickets and 2 backs

Page 3 – 2 BTPS 10c tickets, MMTB 25c, 3 Brisbane City Council tickets, two Trittons furnishings, one WCC (Wellington?) cable car and two MMTB City Concession tickets

Page 4 – Set of 9 MMTB tickets 4d, 7d city, 7d, 8d, 1/-, 1/ 4, 2/- or 20c, 2/6 and one Pensioner’s check ticket.

Page 5 – Set of 9 MMTB tickets, 4c, 8c, 9c, 10c, 30c, Pensioner’s concession, two $1 City concession cards, city concession check ticket and two machine issued tickets 1c and 15c.

Page 6 – set of 16 MMTB tickets that have been recovered from within trams, very dirty, check tickets, value tickets and advertising on the rear.

Page 7 – various special train tickets – Stainless steel train, ARHS tours, TMSV, ARHS Farewell, ARHS SA Mile End, Ballarat trams x 2, Crich exhibition ticket and one MTT (Tas?) 30c.

Page 8 – VR Windsor to Melbourne Quarterly 1940, 7 VR various country and suburban tickets and two VR Motor coach services tickets.

Page 9 – two interstate reserved seat tickets, Brisbane suburban ticket and 8 various values QR Parcel tickets – very dirty.

Page 10 – Two Puffing Billy guest passes, 10th anniversary ticket, 10 various card tickets for Puffing Billy and tours.

Page 11 – 6 + others MTT Adelaide value tickets with adverts on rear and four AETM St Kilda Museum tickets.

Page 12 – four Red Bus Rover London tickets, four Peak Tramways tickets, one toll bridge, 6 London machine issued tickets.

Page 13 – One San Francisco Municipal Railway ticket, one LlafrairPG platform ticket and two MMTB Machine tickets.

Page 14 – One $1 MMTB city concession card and one Parramatta Park tramway ticket issued for COTMA during 1976.

Page 15 – One Emerald Park vehicle entry ticket and one PBPS opening day of the extension to Lakeside in 1975 with certificate.

Page 16 – One PBPS Notice.

Page 17 – not used.

Page 18 – three commemorative envelopes – WA Railway Centenary, Standard Gauge to Melbourne, and Sydney to Perth.

Page 19 – Brisbane tramways last day, two Last day envelopes for Ballarat and Bendigo.

Page 20 – three different St Kilda Centenary – Adelaide.

Contained within the album was loose tickets - see Reg Item 3970 and a pamphlet for the opening of the Transport Mural at Spencer St Station on 30 Jan. 1978.

Inscriptions & markings

has a label on the side in punched letters on a green tape "Tickets and Postal Covers"