Physical description

1. - Form - "Supplementary Running Journal", used by Conductors to enable the checking of tickets by Examiners. Was to be filled out prior to the commencement of journey and placed in the clip provided. Has space for date, punch mark, each fare time and Signature and Number. Form 3/134, dated Aug. 1975.

Starts with 10c fares, printed on off white paper, with printing in black. Form completed in pencil by L Prosser, No 2675

2. - Printed form on off white paper titled "M&MTB Conductor's Pay in slip", form number 3/135, dated March 1972. Enabled the conductors to record what amount they paid into the revenue office, with space for table number, name, out fit number, amounts, number of swimming tickets and signature of revenue clerk.

See Reg Item 1460 for a 1988 and 1769 for a Feb. 1977 examples.

3. - Form - printed on off white paper, form No. 3/203, titled "Conductor's Running Journal", to be used by conductors to record trips, fares sold along with crews names and number. Has fares from 10c to $1. In right hand margin, has Control phone numbers.

4. - Printed form on off white paper titled "Weekly Record of Conductors Ticket Outfit", form 3/137, Aug 1975 - training or sample form as has starting or commencing numbers for ticketing printed onto the sheet. Set up for a six day week, closing numbers for each day, tickets from 10c to $1.00 city, conductors name, depot, person who extended or completed the sheet and checked it. Enabled the revenue clerks to tally the amount that should have been paid in by a conductor against the actual amount.

Forms completed in pencil by L Prosser, No 2675