Physical description

Set of six Agfa colour blue white plastic mount slides, photo by Keith Caldwell of trams passing the intersection of Flinders and Swanston St.

Slides undated - c1967/68, possibly 3/68, aligns with similar scene and time on Reg Item 4315

.1 - W4 670 crossing Flinders St with both the driver and conductor in the view. Has destination of Hanna St.

.2 - L102 crossing route 61 to South Caulfield Junction. Has adverts for Tolley's Brandy and a fast courier. In the background is SW6 940 (University 2A) and W2 389? (East Malvern, route 4D)

.3 - W3 668 to South Melbourne Beach, route 1

.4 - W3 669, route 1 to South Melbourne Beach, has advert for White Crow sauce.

.5 - W2 627, North Balwyn with other trams at the Swanston St stop, including a SW6 on route 64

.6 - a long line up of up to 9 trams northbound at the Swanston St stop outside Flinders St Station, led by SW6 917 (University, route 64) with adverts Suptuned, Sony and "take my advice" featuring an owl. Following is another SW6, 913? with adverts for Tiger Paw, also a route 64. In the background is the Flinders St station awing with a Craven Filer cigarette advert..

Photos have Young and Jackson, the Classic Restaurant Coffee lounge bar in the view, Coles,

Inscriptions & markings

.1 - "BXBU" and on .3, .1 also has W4" in ink.