Physical description

Newspaper clipping, from The Age, Weekender, Friday 8/5/1981 titled "Tram ways to see Melbourne", with a number of writers giving a short piece on a particular line. Has a Map of the Melbourne system with destination and route numbers.

Has an introduction written by Phillipa Hawker which looks at the history, its place in Melbourne, and possibilities for the future. Written just before the MTA came into existence.


East Malvern, Route 3, Rebecca Batties

West Preston Route 10, Phillipa Hawker

St Kilda, Route 12, Frank Prain

North Balwyn, route 48, Andrew Bolt

West Maribyrnong route 57, Rosslyn Beeby

Essendon Airport, Route 59, Rosslyn Beeby

Carnegie, Route 67, Andrew Bolt

Kew Cotham Rd, route 69, Andrew Bolt

Wattle Park, route 70, Rosslyn Beeby

East Burwood, route 75, Rosslyn Beeby

East Preston, route 88, Deborah Forster

Has some sketches of trams and people.