Physical description

Series of four newspaper cuttings from The Herald Sun 7/1/1993, about the closure of rail lines, buses to replace trains, all pages headed "Transport Revolution". The front page not collected.

.1 - Page 4 - "The end for two lines" and "Buses to run all night" - about the planned closure of rail lines (Williamstown and Upfield), operation of buss on nine different routes between midnight and down on Friday and Saturday nights. Also includes that airport and football bus likely to rise under Vic Govt. polices.

.2 - Page 5 - "Safety at risk - Union" - ARU remarks about Safety on public transport, tram conductors (photo of Merv Peters), photo of a lone passenger on a No. 72 tram at 10.25, union

.3 - page 6 - map showing planned tram route closures (82 and part of 9), and bus replacements after 8pm, with the headline ""Buses to take over from 8pm", closure of rail lines and impacts on trains and trams.

.4 - page 7 - map of rail line closures and bus replacement in the evening, "nine country lines for sale", and "The long and the short of a rort" - item about restrictive work practices and awards in public transport.