Historical information

Rose Series - P1713, titled "The Town Hall and Sturt St, Ballarat Vic" with an ESCo tram with a "Vote No" on the front dash panel, two taxis mid-block, and the Town Hall in the background. Drivers standing along both taxis. On the rear in pencil in a note to Ken Magor of Newcastle, Wal Jack has written: "Ballarat old type No. 6. Note route colors square coloured sheet right hand side above driver's head & lower destination sign. Also note side adverts boards on car roof.
See item 3581 for a copy negative and 5177 for a digital image of this postcard.


Yields information about Ballarat 's trams in the 1930's and three street scene at the City Centre with the Town Hall in the background. Shows nature of the area with street lights and parked motor vehicles and a sign on the tram regarding prohibition and a vote on the banning of the sale of alcohol.

Physical description

Postcard black and white, divided back, with a handwritten note on rear.

Inscriptions & markings

See image 2 for details of the handwritten note by Wal Jack on the rear.