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Part I: Studies from psychology Introduction Instinct theories and comparative psychology The moral equivalent of war / William James The instinct of pugnacity / William McDougall Emotion and society / D.O. Hebb & W.R. Thompson Psychoanalytic perspectives Why war? / Sigmund Freud Personal aggressiveness and war / E.F.M. Durbin & John Bowlby Toward a psychiatry of peoples / Harry Stack Sullivan Wholeness and totality / Erik H. Erikson Authoritarian personality and foreign policy / Daniel J. Levinson Social learning and intergroup relations War, peace, and social learning / Mark A. May Drives toward war / Edward C. Tolman The role of expectancy / Gordon W. Allport Part II: Studies from sociology and anthropology War / William Graham Sumner The social function of war / Robert E. Park An anthropological analysis of war / Bronislaw Malinowski Warfare is only an invention not a biological necessity / Margaret Mead Primitive warfare: a methodological note / Joseph Schneider Part III: War, liberal democracy, and industrial society The military and the industrial society / Herbert Spencer The garrison state / Harold D. Lasswell On war, society, and the military / Alexis de Tocqueville Military elites and the study of war / Morris Janowitz War and industrial society / Raymond Aron.