Historical information

A newspaper article with a photo of veteran Jack Geoghegan holding the violin that is part of Melbourne Legacy's collection (see 00080) at The Shrine. Mr Geoghegan was a Prisoner of War in Changi prison. He remembered playing in the concerts that the violin was used in. His signature is one of many, that had signed the violin.
Background: This violin was played by VX30301 Dvr Roy Arnel, as a member of the Australian Imperial Force Concert Party, in the Changi POW camp, Singapore from 1942-1945. It is claimed that the violin, in its case was thrown over the wall by a Chinese civilian.
Roy Arnel, a South African by birth enlisted on 7 June 1940 at Royal Park, Melbourne and served with 2 AASC Company as a driver. He was captured by the Japanese Imperial Army at the fall of Singapore in February 1942.


A record that the violin was of importance to many people during their internment.

Physical description

Newspaper article about the Changi violin published in The Age 26 July 1989.