Historical information

Created to commemorate the 1996 (grade 6) class

Physical description

A large dish, possibly made from China 44cm in diameter.

Inscriptions & markings

The Bialik school emblem is central to the upper area of the plate. Words in Hebrew and English are painted and scratched into the plate. ‘Step Forward With Courage’
‘We will always be proud to be part of the Bialik Family. With thanks from the Class of 1996. Students names appear on blue leaves which curve in two lines around the bottom part of the plate.
Students’ names: Jeremy Gomo, Carly Goldston, Ben Gold, Jeremy Glick, Boris Garber, Melissa Gaddie, Ben Fridman, Matt Fishman, Yariv Field, Paul Benet Elise Biaylew, Efrat Bogaty, Tali Budlender, Benjamin Czapnik, Daniel Dobos, Steven Czarny, Guy Albeck, Caroline Banky, Mark Blashki, Naomi Buchner, Adrian Chazan, Marty Dodge, Ittay Ekstein, Simon Feldman, Joel Fetter Becky Litwinow, Paulina Leibovitch, Dina Kluska, Michael King, David Januszewicz, Steven Harris, Dean Harris, Amy Grossbard, Michael Sadovsky, Tali Plotnik, David Serry, Anna Shaked, Cassie Rosenberg, Slava Shklyarevsky, Irina Roshkovan, Henry Shoyket, Benj Snyder, Warren Rozen, Yuliya Perchyonok, Renata Zilberg, Suzannah Palmer, Elijah Yeo, Elly Meltzer, Adina Trainor, Anthony Marget, Amanda Teitel, Tamar Sztal, Tomas Lopata, Russell Sochen.
The reverse, base side, has painted in the centre point The Class of ’96 Handpainted by Rochelle Weinman Melbourne.