Historical information

Book prepared for the Centenary of the Tramways Friendly Society in 1988 by Catherine M Grutzner. Contains a history of the Society, its formation, principal officers and facilities such as Vimy House. Includes photos of the 1908 and 1988 Committee, Operating Theatres, Vimy House both South Melbourne and Kew, the opening of Kew by the Premier Mr Hamer, Director of Nursing Mrs Maria Hubble, Sr Mary McDonnell, Society Secretaries - Mr BFM Wells, Mr JEF Worrell, Mr L J Nelson, Mr WL Marher, Mr FW Smith, JJ Long, Mr KE Cooper, Chairman of Hospital Committee - Mr RJW Brown. Provides a list of Office Bearers, treasurers, Secretaries, Trustees, and the 1988 Committee of Management. Includes photos of trams and buses and a metal cable tram pass issued to the Committee of Management.


Yields information about the Tramways Benefit Society and Vimy House

Physical description

Book - 24 pages + card covers centre stapled landscape format.