Historical information

"Dear Friends, At your request, I'd like this recording of my voice, so that when I am no longer with you in person, the tones you are now hearing may remind you that love and remembrance are more a matter of the spirit than of the bodily contact and presence. As I have drifted or struggled along through life, I have gradually acquired many things. Always I have greatly desired to be happy and to spread the same infection around me. This wish has been amply fulfilled. First, in a joyous fashion after the manner of the young, and later in an atmosphere of hope and serenity which I trust may remain with me 'til the end. Achievement was another aim with me from the beginning, and whatever effects my life attainment may have upon others, there has been a fair amount of personal satisfaction in my victories over circumstance." Thus begins Tilly Aston's recording 'With Love to My Niece", going on to read her poem 'Song of Old Age'. This recording was converted from a 78 acetate record and was originally recorded on 15th July 1937.

Physical description

1 audio recording of Tilly Aston