Historical information

The Northern District School of Nursing opened in 1950 in to address the issues around nurse recruitment, training and education that had previously been hospital based. The residential school was to provide theoretical and in-house education and practical training over three years. The students would also receive practical hands-on training in the wards of associated hospitals. The Northern District School of Nursing operated from Lister House, Rowan Street, Bendigo. It was the first independent school of nursing in Victoria and continued until it closed in 1989.

Physical description

Photo of five PTS nurses relaxing on lawn at Wattle Street

Inscriptions & markings

Margery Williams, Judy Williams, Margery Shepherd, Joan Williams, Anne Dyason
Relaxing on the lawn at Wattle Street, Bendigo with the Cathedral in background. The Williams girls were all from Mildura but not related. PTS 1954