Historical information

George Shirling arrived in Falls Creek in 1962. He engaged Phil Nowell to build the original Koki Alpine Lodge which opened in 1965 with 14 beds. George operated the lodge with Michael “Baldy” Blackwell as manager.
He also graduated in sport psychology in 1981 and was invited to become team psychologist for the Australian Winter Olympic team which went to Albertville, France, in 1992. He later owned the Red Onion Chalet.
George credited the success of Koki to “Baldy” Blackwell. “Baldy” and Phil Nowell started the Trackers Mountain Lodge in partnership during the 1980s.
In 1971 George sold Koki Lodge to Sigh Doerr. Sigh was a long time resident of Falls Creek, owning and operating Koki Lodge for many years with his wife, Lee. He was Falls Creek CFA Captain from 1995 until 1998 although he served in the Fire Brigade for much longer. Sigh had many involvements in the community. In 2023 the renamed Koki Alpine resort remains a highly popular destination in Falls Creek operated by Doerr Nominees Pty. Ltd. under the management of Vesna Sugden.

Physical description

A framed black and white photograph of guests enjoying "Tom Jones Night" at Koki Lodge in 1968.
Guests include:- Foretable - George Shirling, Geoff Henke, Gweneth Henke (Maloney) who competed in figure skating in the Oslo Winter Olympics 1952, Sigi Haberzetti, Phyllis Bridgford, Bill Bridgford (back to camera)