Historical information

This book is a record, made in honour of generous benefactors who have donated to the cause of Legacy. There is no date on the book as to when the donations were made or when the book was created.


This is a record of members of the public who have gave generous donations to assist Legacy help the families of deceased service personnel.

Physical description

Blue hardcover bound book, cream pages pages with navy blue Torch emblem in top right corner of each page. The pages have a gold edge.

Inscriptions & markings

Front cover has the Torch logo embossed in gold with 'Melbourne Legacy Benefactors' in gold lettering. Each page has a name of a donor in Prussian Blue ink with gold scroll work. About half the book is written in, the rest are blank. Inside back cover is a note in pencil "Writing is Talens Gouache Prussian Blue" and "by Terry Pepperell 95706846". There is no date in the book.